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Terms & Conditions:

I the "independent contractor" engage Goldman & Associates, referred to as "the agency", as my representative to advise, represent and obtain employment on my behalf and agree to the Terms and Conditions of this agreement. Agreement is as follows:

I agree and understand that I am not in an exclusive model/talent agreement, therefore I hereby give Goldman & Associates the "first option" for all auditions/castings in regard to Runway, Print, Film, Television/Commercial, Music Video, and Voice-Over regardless of any prior requests received from any secondary Agencies/Entertainment Firms within the state of Nevada.

I understand and agree that nor Client and/or Goldman & Associates shall be held responsible or liable for any injury or damage to my property or person resulting from the performance of this contract. I further agree to assume full responsibility for and to pay all federal, state and local income taxes, including FICA and Medicare taxes, as well liability and worker’s compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, social security, S.I.I.S and income tax laws with respect to my performance of this contract.

I understand that upon signing this agreement that legal action can be taken against me if I work for the client on a direct basis within the next two years without written consent from Goldman & Associates. This includes but is not limited to all Trade Shows, Promotions, Print, Runway, Television/Commercials, Film or Voice-Over bookings whether in Clark County, Nevada, or in the continental United States.

It is hereby understood that I am signing this agreement as a "Independent Contractor" and I accept and assume any and all responsibilities relating hereto with respect to operating my own business in compliance with any and all federal, state, and local requirements along with those generally accepted as a standard business practices.

It is also understood that upon signing this agreement, the "Independent Contractor" agrees to receive casting emails from Goldman & Associates.

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